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  • Spot It! Classic: Card Game for Kids

    Spot It!


    This matching game is deceptively simple, so it’s perfect for all ages from young kids to adults. Don’t be surprised if your child regularly beats you to a match in this game! Plus, you can finish a game in as little as 10 minutes, so it’s a quick way to connect with your child at the end of a busy day.

    Age Range: 3 and up for Jr Animals and 123; 5 and up for Classic
    Time to Play: 10-20 minutes
    Number of Players: 2-8

    Ships to U.S. only. Outside the U.S., get Classic, 123, or Jr Animals.

  • Go Nuts for Donuts: Card Game for Kids

    Go Nuts for Donuts


    This is a quick, silly card game that’s sure to make you laugh! Kids adore the donut theme, and the donut-collection strategy creates a level playing field for kids and adults. (Psst…this game pairs best with a Saturday morning run to your local donut shop!)

    Age Range: 6 and up
    Time to Play: 20 minutes
    Number of Players: 2-6

    Ships to U.S. only. Outside the U.S., get it here.

  • Castle Panic: Game for Kids

    Castle Panic


    This is one of my family’s absolute favorite board games for the whole family. This is a cooperative game, so you work together to fight off a horde of monsters who are trying to tear down your castle walls and destroy your towers. It sure is fun to work together as a family towards a common goal that doesn’t involve loading the dishwasher!

    Age Range: 7 and up
    Time to Play: 45-60 minutes
    Number of Players: 1-6

    Ships to U.S. only. Outside the U.S., get it here.

  • SET: Card Game for Kids



    This fast-paced card game will give your child’s brain a workout – and yours too! To play, you compare patterns on the cards and find a SET of three cards before anyone else does. The shapes are deceptively simple, and finding a SET is challenging enough to keep adults on their toes too. Fun for the whole family!

    Age Range: 5 and up
    Time to Play: 20-30 minutes
    Number of Players: 1 or more

    Ships to U.S. only. Outside the U.S., get it here.