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  • Sale! Sequence: Board Game for Families



    This classic strategy game is easy enough for kids but still challenging for adults. Plus, you can play a game in 30 minutes or less. And because you can play with up to 12 people, Sequence makes the perfect choice for a family game night or any other family get-together.

    Age Range: 7 and up
    Time to Play: 10-30 minutes
    Number of Players: 2-12; 2 for travel edition

    Ships to U.S. only. Outside the U.S., get Sequence here, Deluxe Sequence here, or Travel Sequence here.

  • Wild Space: Board Game for Families

    Wild Space


    Your goal? Recruit a crew to help you explore space, kind of like building your own ragtag Guardians of the Galaxy team. The bigger your crew, the more points you can earn. But each player gets only 10 turns, so you’ll need to plan ahead to make the most of every opportunity to grow your team. This game is a delightfully fun mind-bender!

    Age Range: 10 and up
    Time to Play: 30-40 minutes
    Number of Players: 1-5

    Ships to U.S. only. Outside the U.S., get it here.

  • Sale! Catan Extension: 5-6 Player - Game for Kids and Families

    Catan Extension: 5-6 Player


    The main Catan game is one of our all-time favorite board games for the whole family, and this extension allows you to play with up to 6 people. If you’d like to play this game with more than 4 players, this extension set is a must. (Note: This is not a standalone game. You must use this extension along with the main Catan game.)

    Age Range: 8 and up
    Time to Play: 60+ minutes
    Number of Players: 5-6

    Ships to U.S. only. Outside the U.S., get it here.